Daily Inspiration

Created: 10/20/12
Last Edited: 11/15/12
My picture diary.
All photos taken by me with iPhone, Instagram

I like pretty things, I am easily get inspired by surroundings.

365 days, 365 pictures, daily inspiration in a year.
On going project.

I take at least one photo each day, to remember what has inspired me in that day.

My sketchbooks, exhibitions I've been to, art, surreal, abstract, logos, adverts, quotations, beautiful typography, shapes, humorous design, architecture form, urban, fashion, nature, colour, imagination, my travel notebook, travels, books I've read, animals...
Always traveling, and drawing, and taking photos.

Always being creative and get inspired. I think this is the very most important thing in my creative practice.

Literally, everything, and anything that inspires me.

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