• DUiN Magazine
    Fall 2010
  • As the Editor-in-Chief as well as the Art Director of DUiN Magazine. DUiN is published once a semester at Drake University, the acronym stands for Drake University independent Newspaper. We are a satirical magazine funded by the Board of Student Communications.

    I was in charge of making the magazine come to life. I organized meetings as well as supervised editorial content. I was also the head of the design team as well as working on my own designs to be held within the magazine. Below are the spreads I contributed to the Fall 2010 issue of DUiN.

  • This is the cover for the issue. First cover I have designed for a publication.
  • Here is the table of contents as well as the editor's letter. I chose to stick with the pink theme as to mimic the cover.
  • This is the spread for one of the articles, as you can see the content of DUiN is quite original.
  • This is the back cover of the issue, made to mirror the front cover.