DENIM SOCIETY- Branding/Collection

Created: 06/16/12
Last Edited: 06/06/13
Plotter Paper and Ribbon
Various Sizes of Bags
May 2012
  • Denim Society Branding/Collection
  • Denim Society is a made-up womenswear luxury brand developed as a group project by Cigdem Keskin, Maricela Nodar, Kisa Shiga and myself, as team leader. The company is based on the ideas of changing the association of denim with blue jeans to include more refined and tailored looks. Through the design process, members of the group took denim and manipulated it to create the denim samples shown thru natural dyes such as blackberries, onion skin and pearl stenciled and silkscreened designs. The PowerPoint presentation and shopping bags are designed by myself. To contribute to the company, I specifically designed a set of shopping bags for our designs to be sold in as well as made the PowerPoint. The medium-sized purple striped bag is meant to go along with our fall/winter collections and the medium-sized teal striped is meant to go along with our spring/summer collections. The small bag is meant for specialty items such as jewelry. The stripes were inspired by the twill of denim fabric.

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