DEFREZ® Kulture (2000-2010)

  • DEFREZ® Kulture
  • DEFREZ® (R.I.P. 2000-2010) was a lifestyle brand focused on the art of fashion, music and freshness.

    Co-creators Malakai  and Frez Ferrino used their time at DEFREZ as an artistic outlet serving to sharpen creative skills and overall flavour.

    DEFREZ apparel was stocked throughout North America in select streetwear boutiques, such as TRUE San Francisco & Grooveriders of Los Angeles, as well as online at The line consisted of soft-goods apparel, watches, hats in collaboration with New Era, custom Converse Chucks, and much more.

    Music was the core for the future-forward creations, culminating in an eclectic podcast curated by Frez, featuring world-renowned DJ Shiftee (2-time DMC World Champion), Mojo (Buygore, UK), Destro (Soul.Scienz), OpenOptics (Inspired Flight) and more. The podcasts are available through iTunes HERE.

    The following visuals display what essentially became a 10 year art project.