Cutting Edge Carpet trade show graphics

Created: 02/13/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Trio of trade show graphic panel displays for Cutting Edge Carpet, an Orlando, Florida-area apartment industry supplier.
  • Cutting Edge Carpet
    trade show graphic displays
  • The client, Cutting Edge Carpet, an Orlando-area apartment industry supplier, came to me with several assets already in place—photography, an established brand, and an intended message. They were also short on time. An industry trade show was fast approaching and they needed a trio of graphic panel displays that would complement their exhibition at the trade show. The panels needed to work in concert, but also needed to be able to work alone when separated and used by their sales team at various events throughout the year.
  • With an eye toward maintaining visual consistency across the three panels, "maturing" their brand slightly to be a little more elegant, and making evocative use of the photography they supplied, this is the artwork that was realized.

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