Custom POP Display

  • Point of Purchase Display
    High-end POP for new product
  • Belm Designs was commissioned to create custom point of purchase displays that will be used in salons across the country. These are the first of many to come with a professional high-end look and feel. The images will take you through our process for the design and construction of the display.

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  • Simple and clean, always part of our formula
    M. Bell - Belm Designs
  • Cutting and trimming the acrylic to size with the bandsaw
  • Polishing edges. Wanted to remove the teeth marks left from the bandsaw cut.
  • Acrylic Cement works great for bonding the material permanently
  • Just a few dabs of the acrylic cement is enough with this material.
  • Clamping the pieces together for a super-tight bond.
  • Removing the protective film on the acrylic
  • Assembled display with no graphics yet...
  • The graphic we created for product posters, etc. will be used on the displays to carry the campaign through. Getting ready to print.
  • For the print we used a special fabric material that won't rip or fade. The material has a nice satin finish and can be removed easily from the display with no residue.
  • Applying the graphic to the display, normally I'd use a squeegee but the ruler was closer.
  • Trimming the graphic with a razor
  • Finished displays
  • Finished display with product