Creative approach book

  • Creative Process book
    The search defines the outcome.
  • For this project I had to represent my creative process in the form of a book. I designed this book one to define my creative process for myself and two for the purpose of reminding myself why I'm a Graphic designer. I broke this book into two parts. The first part is the realization of a project and the process involved. I didn't establish a heirarchy for the way the book will be read because both sides of my creative process are equally important. So one could start be reading either side of the book first.
  • The book has a book on its cover that when one flips through the book they read the word CREATIVE. The letters are cutout to reveal a picture of myself.
  • The photo is initially blured then the photo becomes unblured to reveal the byproduct of my work. I always start on a project not knowing the details. But I have a rough since of what the project will become. As I progress through my work the details become filled in.
  • On the final image I placed a quote by Paul Rand. It reminds me that I must always experiment in my work and never accept status quo.
  • The other part to this books cover reads process when one flips through the book. The type is cutout with a maze as the background. I thing of my process as an adventure. There are twists and turns around every corner. I never start at the same point that I finish. But Brace yourself for when you open up this part of the book.
  • The inside of the book has type that I made. It reads it's just a game. I play with form, function, color, type, illustration, photographs, etc.This reminds me that no matter what happens design is a game. This is how I look at design.

  • This was a mock up print. It shows the maze phrase all together.