Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Created: 02/21/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Make movie poster and DVD cover for chosen movie. Recreate motion titles for movie based on movie poster and DVD cover.
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love.
  • For this project I had to make movie posters and a DVD cover for the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. Then, based on my posters and DVD covers, I had to create my own motion titles for the movie.

    For the posters, I decided to do quotes from the movie that could represent each facet of the movie: crazy, stupid, and love. I used handmade type to convey the humor throughout the movie.

    The posters translate into the DVD cover via the type and concept. The heart represents the main focus of the movie: love. But it also involves crazy and stupid, hidden within the letters.

    For the movie titles, I tried to keep it as simple as the rest of the project. I didn't have any fancy effects or transitions, I just want to get the point of the movie across. I made a 'paper family' to show how they can be cut apart and put back together, much like in the movie. I tried to keep all the movement with the music queues.

    All in all it was a fun and interesting process, one of the more enjoyable projects I've had in school so far.

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