Crayola: Classic Crayons, All New Places

  • Crayola: Classic Crayons, All New Places
    Re-branding for a more mobile crayon.
  • The fatal flaw of crayons has always been their fragile nature. With this new packaging, the crayons contain two hues of the same color to increase the number of colors in a standard box, as well as the box being constructed out of molded plastic to provide better protection.

    The new brand is built off of the few truly iconic elements of crayons:  the texture of crayon strokes and Crayola's green and gold color scheme. By breaking the identity to these elements, we bring forth the instantly recognizable, which allows us to further the new direction in a hip and modern way while not alienating the equity Crayola has established.
  • Poster advertisement for Crayola rebranding¬†
  • New packaging design; double-ended crayons featuring two shades of the same hue and a box that opens on both ends.
  • Subway poster advertisement campain. Sponsor MTA Subway map changing the subway line strokes with crayon lines.