Copper Vein Records No. 4

  • CVR No. 4
     Copper Vein Records
  • "CVR No.4" is the fourth installment in the Copper Vein Records series of compilation albums. The intent of the design is to present a nostalgic feel to the album due to the rich, turn of the century mining culture of the target area of release. 
    The wallpaper aesthetic pays homage to the popularity of wallpaper design during the 1800s and early 1900s and is something that would have been trendy during the old Upper Peninsula mining days. Also, images of bar patrons from the mining era were photoshopped and placed throughout the included booklet to give a celebratory feel to the piece while the viewer is reading of the work that went into creating the album.

  • The front cover art for the album Copper Vein Records No. 4
  • Views of the front and rear covers.
  • Contents and inside of the album package.

  • The CD artwork and a spread from the liner notes booklet.