Cooking Logos for CityTV

  • The client was CityTV, which is the local cable station for the city of Santa Monica.
    They were asking for a logo for their upcoming cooking program, Santa Monica Family Favorites.
    I had the privilege in having my logo selected by the client.
    Working in a team, we had to do research on Santa Monica's demographics for CityTV's new cooking show. We also did research on color palettes and it's cooking show competitors, keeping in mind these are logos meant for TV/web. I had the honor in having my logo selected by the client and will beused on their upcoming cooking show, Santa Monica Family Favorites.
  • BW/Variation
  • Color Palette: The goal was to use warm, friendly, and even “edible” tones, 
    that would also help to reinforce the show’s bright and friendly personality.
  • Typeface: Gill Sans can be a good display font showing boldness, legibility, and is maybe even
    a little on the friendly side, all making it perfect for television and for the personality of the show.
    Here's the link to the other part of project (VOTE///2012):
    Behance LINK
    Portfolio LINK

    Thanks for viewing!