Connectivity Infographic

Created: 07/15/12
Last Edited: 11/28/12
St. Jude Medical connectivity motion infographic
  • Connectivity Motion Infographic

    This connectivity infographic was created to quickly communicate the value proposition of St. Jude Medical connectivity solutions.  This area of the business is a differentiator for St. Jude Medical, and it was important to articulate how customers would benefit from remote monitoring and EHR integration.

    The visual style is a departure from what has traditionally been done at SJM, and it was well received.  Often the medical device space is perceived as a very 'scary' place to play.  The FDA, risk management, and regulatory and compliance are all daily challenges.  By using a light-hearted and simple design, we cut through the fears and hesitation some customers may have and focus right on the main message...improving patient outcomes through the use of SJM technology.

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