Conflicts of Interest

  • Conflicts of Interst
    National Army Museum
  • This major new exhibition explores over three decades of conflict from Northern Ireland and the Falklands to Afghanistan and Iraq, and examines the role of the British Army across the globe and the impact of the subject matter on service personnel’s home life.
    Housed within a ‘black box’, the exhibition presents 10 conflicts, each within a separate enclosure, dressed with a famous headline or news clip of media coverage at the time. Entering each shows the thoughts, opinions and accounts of soldiers, and the changing world and landscape that soldiers have lived and fought in over the years. 
    The exhibition includes personal accounts from servicemen and women and civilians, alongside exclusive images and objects from the Museum’s collections to tell the story of a soldier’s family life and army life, and look at the conflict this causes. Visitors will be invited to start a forum of debate.