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Created: 05/06/11
Last Edited: 05/04/13
Inside pages of a conference programme book
  • FNCE 2011 conference programme
    Programme book
  • Project year: 2011
    Freelance project
    The work involved the design and typesetting of the inside pages of a conference programme booklet. In addition to the devising of a suitable layout to organize the information, a light copyediting was also performed.
    The inspiration for the colour coding of the three days of the week came from the Japanese names of the three days of the week.
    Physical size: 8.5″ × 11″, 24 pages
    For those who came here from my ProZ profile, the final word count for this project was 12,610 words
    Credits: All images were provided by the client
  • Typical spread for the presenter listing
  • Typical spread for the exhibitor listing

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