CompoundFour Product Package Design V2

  • C4 Product Packaging Design
    Designed for explosive personalities
  • Belm Designs continues work on the next iteration of the CompoundFour product packaging. We have moved more towards a PET black plastic in place of the glass series. We still left the grenade body form with slight modifications. Removed the pump mechanism and replaced with a squeeze type design removing costly parts.

    The refined design is ready for a shower near you.

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  • Concepts:
    Product renderings printed and ready for client viewing.
    M. Bell - Belm Designs
  • 3D renderings of new product line.
  • Bottom view showing plastic grade, and other vital information that will be included in the final design.
    M. Bell - Belm Designs
  • Product package back view, complete with space for barcode, ingredients, and usage.
  • Product package renderings printed and ready for client viewing.
  • 3D rendering showing how the product will dispense it's contents
  • Push-in Pop-out dispense mechanism
    6"width x 5" Height x 1.5" Depth
  • Product cross section showing v-shaped bottom designed to keep package contents always moving toward the dispense opening.