Competition Winner: URCAS Research Symposium Material

Created: 03/23/12
Last Edited: 09/16/14
A design competition in which my suite of designs were chosen for the Symposium the Honors College was putting on.
  • URCAS Design Collection
    Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium
  • As a class each of the 20 student designed a poster, program cover, name tag, and shirt design for the upcoming symposium that the honors college was putting on. We all printed, mounted, and mocked up our t-shirt designs on an actual shirt and a committee from the Honors College came and judged our design suites and picked one that would be used for the symposium. My design suite won the competition.
  • Top 3 winners of the class
  • Line up of some of the posters designed for the URCAS
  • Poster on a bulletin board. 
  • Program cover (laid out flat) this is the front and back cover, the fold will be in the middle. 
  • Printed Program
  • Final Shirt Design 
  • Mock-up of shirt
  • Stack of name tags at the event
  • Box of name tags at the event
  • Ad for the event in the newspaper

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