Compaq College Recruiting

Created: 02/16/10
Last Edited: 11/27/12
College recruiting is always tough. What will speak to undergrads and grads? To further compound problems, this jerk creative director told me and my writer that the theme would be “water”, and none of this dive right in crap, something really cool and original. So me and Dave banged our heads…

After a lot of discussion about water, and what a cool concept that was (!), we determined that the coolest thing about water had to be AquaMan. Captian Q and Calypso were born. We pitched the idea to our CD (not the jerk CD), and he said it was just crazy enough to work. The style would be old school DC Comics, so we brought in George Toomer to illustrate the cover and5 page narrative. We developed characters and a storyline about using Compaq technology to fight bad guys. We produced a 12-page comic book that was handed out and mailed, and numerous graphics to support the effort.

WOW! Did this thing ever work. Captain Q totally shook up the college recruiting scene and demonstrated that great things happen with great ideas. And, all hiring objectives were met within six months.

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