Company Collateral

Created: 10/25/12
Last Edited: 08/27/14
Company collateral for various companies, including brand identity, etc.
  • Branding and collateral material for a construction firm outside of Chicago

  • Branding and collateral material for a online back-up/web security firm

  • Print/digital collateral for a firm who specializes in presentation layouts and classes in proper presentations.

  • Label/hang tag for a small vintage clothing and housewares store.

  • Vodka bottle and label design for a Swedish liquor distributor. Bottle design was based on the idea of being mobile and easy to carry for classier outdoorsmen.
  • Greek based distributor of Argan Oil label, package design. Package was based on having ample room for inserts or promos (package not to scale).
  • Wine label for Swedish liquor distributor. The name's translation is "Hole in the Wall" which resulted in a brick wall with a large space for product info.
  • Tribute label for a small steakhouse in Milwaukee. Label was designed using an artist rendition of the family/restaurant's patriarch. Die-cut clear label that was able to resist moisture was used. Paper neck wrap was used on the neck.
  • Logo and print collateral of a yoga instructor and purveyor of yoga items.
  • Sell/info sheet used in all inter-company promotional materials.
  • Sell/info sheet used in all inter-company promotional materials. This version was used in annual reports and communication with executive management and the board.

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