Common Rotation Band Poster

  • Common Rotation Band Poster
    American Indie Folk Rock band poster using multiple print processes
  • In Print Production, my final project had to show the breadth of what I had learned during the course of the semester. Therefore, I had to pull out all the stops. I had to design three band posters, this is one of them. The hardest part was not so much designing the poster, but thinking of a good band. I didn't want to go with a band that was so commercially branded, so I went with a smaller band, that have seen and met on a few occasions.

    Common Rotation is band that is currently three members, they used to be bigger and more pop/ska but have veered in a very folky direction in recent years. One song of theirs that I have always loved is called 'Oklahoma.' Everything about this poster derives from that song. The translucent words on the poster would actually be a gloss varnish and are all the lyrics to the song. One of the lines in the song says 'There's a skyline in Oklahoma that stretches out over the corn.' This is where I decided on the corn cob imagery, with the background color being scanned paper that had a muted tone of all the colors that make up corn. The sun and the band's name I wanted in a very folky/vintage Nashville vibe. All the black outlines of the corn would be thermography, giving it a very tactile feel. You can see my mock-up attempt at the texture below.