Commit 2 Complete Postcards

  • Student focus groups conducted at OSU-OKC drew a simple conclusion: College students are sick and tired of the phrase "enroll now." They hear and see that precise phrase thousands of times each year from the moment they enter high school until their own children-and grandchildren-graduate from college. It's repetitive, and students are tired of it.
  • Have you ever heard the phrase "less is more?" It's a mantra for every designer on the planet. In this case, the lesson was one of absolute intent. With this much information to communicate to a demographic whose attention span shrinks a bit with each passing year, the message had to be clean, concise and easy to follow. 
    Because of the nature of collegiate enrollment season, this design needed to communicate a slight sense of urgency. To achieve this effect, I chose a sans serif typeface-Universe, in a condensed form. Because Oklahoma State University's standard colors are a pair of highly saturated shades of orange, I chose to combine the two in an understated gradient to give the postcard a bit of sparkle without relying on a more expensive paper selection. 
    I wanted to build some momentum into this design to further support the sens of urgency. To help, I rotated the type slightly (about 9.5 degrees). Key words such as "COMPLETE" and "SUMMER & FALL" were enlarged in relation to the rest of the type to add hierarchy, and a bit of embellishment was added to the "2" on the front of the postcard and the ampersand on the back side in order to help keep the eye moving through the message. 
    Finally, I placed the OSU-OKC logo in a dominant location to solidify OSU-OKC's top-of-mind placement.