Columbia Daily Spectator -- Freshman Orientation Guide

Created: 02/21/13
Last Edited: 02/21/13
I art directed, designed, and coordinated production for this special issue to welcome Columbia University's incoming freshman class. This issue featured the fonts and styles consistent with the rest of the paper's redesign.
  • The title nameplate.
  • Front cover.
  • Detail shot of the front cover.
  • The issue's back cover, which featured a map of Columbia locales.
  • Icons I created for the map and other features throughout the issue.
  • Columbia traditions.
  • News page focusing on the administration and student government. This page showcased the recurring "101" feature.
  • News page focusing on Columbia's expansion into Manhattanville.
  • Detail shot of a table of terms and definitions related to the Manhattanville expansion.
  • Detail shot of a timeline of events related to the Manhattanville expansion.
  • News page showcasing the recurring "Top 5" feature.
  • Detail shot of the recurring "Top 5" feature, which gave the issue significantly greater cohesion by using a similar design and typographic style across all sections.
  • Top 5 and 101 features on an Arts page.
  • Detail shot of the "101" feature.
  • Arts page.
  • Detail shot of a small table from the Arts page.
  • Sports page.

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