ColoRasta Flag Sticker

Created: 11/07/12
Last Edited: 12/13/12
A new flag for the Mile High State!
  • ColoRasta Flag Sticker / $3.95
  • With Colorado's passage of a constitutional amendment legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, I figured my home state's flag needed a refreshed design to reflect our newfound status as the Amsterdam of the American West.
    This flag is now available as a 6 x 4-inch silkscreened vinyl sticker, suitable for placement on your Subaru, VW microbus, ski rack, or snowboard helmet! Stickers are made in the USA, four-color process printed onto durable vinyl, with two thick UV coatings to protect it through many seasons on the road, trail, or slopes. Order one (or 420) of them right here.
  • ColoRasta Flag Sticker / $3.95
    Detail of the sticker. Note the sweet, glossy double UV coating!
  • ColoRasta Flag Sticker / $3.95
    Looking great on a roof cargo box.

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