• Beauty Deconstructed
    Collage, mixed media, digital, 30 x 19 inches
  • Centauro
    Collage, mixed media, 19 x 15 in
  • The Girl
    Collage, mixed media, 19 x 15 in
  • King Sashimi
    Collage, mixed media, digital, 19 x 26.5 in
  • The Kiss
    Collage, mixed media
  • Express Don't Repress
    Collage, mixed media
  • Artist Statement
    For the past several years I have been working on collages. This practice has enabled me to create irrational and disjointed worlds that inspire and comfort me. 

    I have always been intrigued by how individuals express—or rather, repress—themselves. I believe it takes courage, tolerance, clarity, imagination, and spontaneity to transmit who we are and what we think. Some of these human behavior characteristics are reflected in my artwork. I am also drawn to beautiful forms, objects, geometry, colors, patterns, the human figure, and fashion. I collect objects, fabric, and patterns.

    Some of my pieces are traditional collages, which use paint, colored papers, cut outs of all sorts, plastics, recycled materials, patterns, among other random materials. I also create what I like to refer as 'live collages'. After creating the traditional collage piece, I inserting objects into the artwork and photograph the entire piece with these added objects and continue to elaborate the piece digitally. 

    I hold a bachelor of fine arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)—an amazing art school in Baltimore to which I am eternally grateful for many things, including the refinement my artistic methods and for enriching my inner soul. In October 2012, I took a wonderful class Experimenting with Collageby the Museum of Modern Art that has ever since deepened my skills and interest for my collage practice. As often as I can, I travel and explore different artists techniques and collage work.