'Clue' Opening Credits

  • 'Clue' Opening Credits
    Reimaging of the opening credits of 'Clue' with a focus on type
  • When I was younger 'Clue' was one of my most favorite movies, not that I've grown out of it, I still love it to pieces. There is, quite literally, a senior yearbook with a line from 'Clue' as my quote. I don't know who else got that it was from 'Clue', but I assure you, it was. How else does a 17 year old know to quote Tennyson? It was one of those rare movies where once you watched it, you had to watch it again, right away. Not only does it have a stellar cast, wonderful dialogue, tons of slapstick, tons of killers and three endings, it's based on one of my favorite boardgames!
    The one thing the movie really lacked though was a great opening title sequence. When I was assigned this project to make a type heavy opening title sequence for a movie, I knew it had to be 'Clue' (I even harbor plans of animating it one day.) The movie takes the classic whodunnit, and places it in the 50s during the height of McCarthyism. I happened to have a reproduction set of 'Clue' from the 50s. So I took the cards, pieces and playing board and had a little fun. The names are fixed, yet blur in and out, yet the background changes, as do the cards. A very astute observer might notice that I quite possibly gave clues to all the endings... are you astute enough?