Clothing Tags

Created: 12/31/12
Last Edited: 06/05/13
The idea for Aküstik Indie Apparel was inspired by my personal experiences performing and listening to the independent music scene in Nebraska. The clothing represented by the brand is reminiscent of what fans and musicians of the independent music scene wear. Plaids, flannels, denim, v-neck tees and sweaters etc. are all items that the brand could represent. The logo is symbolic of a classic guitar headstock logo, while the imagery of the tags themselves have the implied figures of an acoustic guitar and a guitar pick. The system combines the use of photography and vector imagery to create an appealing packaging system for the targeted demographic.
  • Aküstik Indie Apparel
  • Aküstik Indie Apparel is a fictional small male clothing line that is directed towards musicians and those interested in the independent music scene. Depicted below are the beginning stages of the clothing tag system: Shirt tags, shirt sizing stickers, pant joker tickets, and pant sizing stickers.

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