Client Holiday Card Email

Created: 12/09/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
A visual for a holiday email campaign created for my client, Rand Engineering and Architecture, PC
  • Client Holiday Email Blast
    Animating within limited bandwidth
  • For the past several years I have been creating the holiday illustration for a client who then uses it in an email campaign.

    This year they wanted to do something a bit more special and told me to put on the thinking cap.

    The only constraints were that whatever I came up with, it had to included their holiday mascot, "Randy the Snowman" in some function that involves building inspection, and it needed to work within a Constant Contact email.

    Easy enough.

    So the following is the initial idea executed as a single graphic. However after rethinking it a bit we realized it might be even better as an animated gif.

    The challenge there was to make 10 550px x 413px images not go over the max size of 350kb.  
    For a person who usually is making hi-res PSD files that reach gigantic proportions, it was a nice change of pace to work within a limited size. Plus it gave me a chance to fully use my illustration skills.

    So take note: Any client that let's me be strategic and employs my design  AND illustration skills is aces in my book!

  • This was the first iteration of the card. We realized after making it that it might work better as an animated gif. That way the floors could be larger and the "story" could build.
  •  In terms of revises, we decided to add a bit more of a minority mix to the people on the third floor since this was targeted to mostly NYC customers. The client also thought a wreath hanging on the parapet would be a nice touch.

    The size of the final file was problematic when it was chopped up and animated, the animated GIF that was 650kb, double the size limit that Constant Contact allowed. So I had to simplify colors and the graphics in order to bring the color palette and images sizes down to within the 350kb limit. Granted I could have simplified and reduced further, but the client and I felt that would effect the look and design too much.

    Despite these minor changes, the client was thrilled with the final result and so were their customers.

    Happy customers. That's  my goal.