Clear Channel New York & Media Relations Web Designs

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    Web Designs 2013
  • Tasked with the project of designing the Clear Channel New York homepage from the ground up. The Art Director and Station Program Directors provided me with the information that needed to be on the page as far as content and accessibility. I worked closely with the Front End Web Developer to ensure that the design would function seamlessly on the site. Clear Channel’s stations are the largest in New York’s market, the vision was to emphasize this.  I laid out the designs for the web pages on Photoshop, starting with a background image of the city in black and white.  Over that image is the content of the page which provides the station logos and a link to their website as well as a link to listen. It is simple and clear cut, drawing emphasis to the colorful logos over the photograph of the city.  This portrays that each station is unique from the other, while remaining an important member of the Clear Channel New York family.