Clare Literary Journal

Created: 07/11/11
Last Edited: 05/28/13
Created a book design for the Clare Literary Journal, annually sponsored by Cardinal Stritch University's English Department.
  • Clare Literary Journal
     Publication Design
  • I had the opportunity to create a book design for the Clare Literary Journal.  This publication is sponsored each year by Cardinal Stritch University's English Department.  Literary submissions such as fiction, non-fiction, and poems from all over the country are chosen for this journal.  English students and faculty at Cardinal Stritch University team up through the editing and publishing process to produce a variety of work.  My client was an English Department Faculty member and my audience were national book lovers.   

    I created a fun, eye-catching, abstract design to intrigue my readers.  My book cover design symbolizes national writers coming together in a pool of creative art (literature).  On each inside page, I incorporated a shape from the front cover to show individuality in a collaborative publication.  Essentially, my goal was to catch my audience's eye on a book shelf among many other books.  

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