City Slick

Created: 06/21/12
Last Edited: 10/11/12
This a packaging design project based around hair product and a demographic of teenage boys. Our group based the packaging was based around the urbanite, using a tin case and distressed labels, the design compliments the down and dirty style of the city.
  • For a package design class my group was given the assignment to develop packaging for hair product for a specific demographic. My group had the demographic of Teenage Boys, so we made it more specific and focused on the urbanite teenage boy and developed three pieces to the system to accommodate for different styles.

    The High Life is the pomade for the upper class kid that goes to the fancy business parties with his parents, the Streets is made with a cream for the average kid to last all day and hold up with the daily grind, and the Underground is a strong putty for the hard core crowd that goes to the back alley rock concerts and needs their hair to be strong all night. 

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