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Created: 05/25/13
Last Edited: 01/27/14
During the Spring semester of 2013, my Visual Communications II class was asked to find a local business around the city and develop new branding for them. I chose to rebranding a local cafe near my apartment called Ciao For Now. My challenge was to bring the identity up to the same level of quality, care, emotion, and uniqueness that the cafe's food and atmosphere already had.
  • Ciao For Now
    Visual Communications II
    Rebranding Project
    The Project
    During the Spring semester of 2013, my Vis Comm II class was asked to find a local business around the city and develop new branding for them. Certain elements were required to fulfill (logo, stationary, business card, and envelope), but otherwise we were given complete autonomy to develop whatever would be appropriate for that "client". 
    The Client
    I initially had a tough time picking a local business to use as my case study. New York City is filled with possibilities. I knew I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone, so I thought the best place to start looking was my own neighborhood. 
    Down the street from where I live is this great cafe called Ciao For Now. It was one of the first spots I discovered after moving here. They pride themselves in being wholly sustainable, from the ingredients to their waste removal. Definitely an admirable approach for an establishment in such an expensive city. The cafe has a wonderful assortment of baked goods, great menu items, and even caters events. Inside, the place feels like grandma's farm, if that farm was in the french countryside. It's small, quaint, a little rustic, with plenty of texture and sunlight. It is by far the most inviting space I've been in so far. It's very rare to find a place, especially near your apartment, that feels so welcoming and offers great food, too.
    The Challenge
    It seems, at least on the surface, that Ciao For Now has everything put together. From the food to the atmosphere, everything appears as though they have it all figured out and that they don't need any help. But when you take a look at their identity, you see a big disconnect from who they are. The logo is thrown together, with a random pairing of lime green and purple colors, and just doesn't offer the same level of care or excitement that the cafe displays. My goal, was to take the emotions, textures, attention to detail, and passion behind the cafe, and represent that in it's identity. Then use that to bring the rest of the branding up tot the same level as their physical space and their food. I believe I accomplished that, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

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