Christmas Eve Invitations

Created: 01/03/12
Last Edited: 05/28/13
Create a holiday series of print materials for an annual family event including: invitations, tabletop assignment cards, food name cards and a schedule of events.
  • Christmas Eve Party Invites
    Print Design
  • Every year, my family gathers together for a Christmas Eve Party hosted in a local community center. Each year, one of the families on my maternal side hosts the event and this year my grandpa‚Äôs side had the floor. I decided to volunteer my time to create a series of print materials to help market our side of the family. I created invitations to the party, tabletop assignment cards, food name cards and a schedule of events for organization. My design reflects my Swedish heritage, which includes colors of the Swedish flag and an iconic Swedish Dala horse. Many families range in ages, so my goal was to cater to both the young and old. I incorporated a traditional yet modern design combining typography, texture, layout, and size to my approach. These materials showcased my service, dedication and design skills to my entire family and extended family.

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