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    A popular annual autumnal event, Christian Store Week provides an opportunity for the faith-based industry to recognize both independent and chain-based Christian retail stores. Special marketing campaigns, featured products, discount offers and in-store appearances are all correlated with this promotional soiree each year.

    One of the primary features of the week-long event is a series of in-store appearances and signings by artists and authors. In order to increase participation in the faith-based retail market and promote the authors and artists, we were contacted to develop an online solution that would facilitate the arranging of these appearances.

    The Ruby on Rails web application provides a forum for the artists and authors to create an account and search for participating Christian retailers in proximity from any location. The results are filtered by the Artist/Author's distance that they are willing to travel. Destinations can be then be mapped easily; once the user decides which locations they would like to visit, they can be selected. The artist/author can then contact the stores all in one step through the application to let them know that they would like to visit and what products they would like to have presented at the event. Administrators are able to add, edit, delete and upload participating stores through the application to keep the information up to date.

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