Choose Your Path (pub. for UNC Charlotte Art Dept.)

Created: 08/20/12
Last Edited: 03/19/13
A new way of looking at promotion.
  • Choose Your Path
  • The Graphic Design Projects class in the spring of 2011 at UNC Charlotte was tasked with creating a new booklet to entice new students to the College of Arts and Architecture.

    As part of this group, I worked on the spread for the Graphic Design concentration.

    The project won a Gold Addy Award at the Charlotte AAF Student Awards in March 2012.
  • Each student was given a spread to work on from start to finish.
    The picture and text on this spread was created by myself.
  • Watch the video for the full experience!
    Music: "The Mill on Bridgeview" (Toy Piano) by Aestrid Byrne
    Courtesy of

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