• Chomps are a sideproject of mine as an escape from the computer. Originally a school project, they have been refined and now are available for download. My goal was to create something unexpected from paper: motion and sound. The finished products ended up a hardy paper toy. I also created a site to experiment with mimicking the movement from the finished toy.
    See the site here: As a note, it may take a while to load the first time. Free Heroku plan=needs to be woken up.
  • Front view of the black pair of Monster Chomps.
  • Side view of black Monster Chomps.
  • Website I did as a way to get the word out about Chomps. It's a playground for me to experiement.
  • Complete set of 10 Monster Chomps.
  • Close-up of the set of ten Monster Chomps.
  • How the Chomps move, shown using the Animal Chomp Series.
  • Flat of the how the Chomps are made.
  • Printed design of Monster Chomp, flat.