• Chomps
    The goal of this project was to create a sturdy children's toy made out of paper. I chose to create the paper toy that resembles a monster, hence the name chomp. The toy moves up and down, creating a chomp motion. This hides and reveals a unique design inside each of the 10 different monsters. I also created an alternate set of animal chomps out of the same dieline as the monster chomps.
    See the site here:
  • Complete set of 10 Monster Chomps.
  • Close-up of the set of ten Monster Chomps.
  • Front view of the black pair of Monster Chomps.
  • Side view of black Monster Chomps.
  • Top and bottom of black Monster Chomp.
  • How the Chomps move, shown using the Animal Chomp Series.
  • Flat of the how the Chomps are made.
  • Printed design of Monster Chomp, flat.