• Chives
    An exercise in hand-lettering with ink and found objects
  • is one of three words I created as part of a class project. The assignment was to find three different objects and use them as writing tools by dipping them in ink and creating marks on plain white paper. The character of the marks made by each item was also to be reflected in the choice of word we spelled out. For instance, if a certain tool made scratchy, "aggressive" marks then one might choose a word with the same connotations. We then scanned our top 3 choices and used Photoshop to alter color and contrast. I used a small stick from a fallen branch to create this piece. The marks it produced were very organic and after much experimentation I loved how it spelled "chives." Green was a natural choice, and I bumped up the contrast to show how the ink interacted with the paper. Along with my peers and professors I think this would make a fun logo for a restaurant.
  • Katherine Campbell, 2007