Children's Problems in Society (16 posters)

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    Children’s Problems in Society:
    BFA Thesis Project: Series of 16 Posters

    This series of 16 social commentary posters represent physical and psychological problems that children face within the society, including poverty, abuse, fears, depression, etc. 
    According to analytical psychology, a large population of troubled adults experienced traumas as children, which largely influenced their paranormal personality. In order to prevent such problems and crimes, parents/guardians and societies are equally responsible for raising healthy kids who will become the future healthy adults.

  • Vision from the sea and whisper from the dream, we dream, and you...

  • Why would I be worried? It may never happen!

  • The days when I was a child there was sorrow, but it was a little!!!

  • Don’t darken my world!

  • Children & insecurity

  • I am leaving, and now the violence filled glass will overflow.

  • I am afraid of shadows.

  • Today’s children

  • The children of divorce

  • The longest lasting 500 Rials of the history!

  • Where is happiness?

  • Where is my cradle? There is sleep, but there is no rest!

  • My heritage

  • Devil buys house

  • No dream, no cradle, I don’t want anything, only understanding the distance is very difficult!!!

  • Regardless, we will grow up.