Character Animation

  • 3D Character Animation
    Professor: Anson Call
  • This is my 3D character animation demo reel featuring work I created for my character animation class in the fall of 2012. The animation segments include exercises in movement (spy lamp vs. guard lamp), expressing sadness without dialogue (lamp with balloon (Sad Lamp)), expressing joy without dialogue (lamp with toaster (Happy Lamp)), walk cycles (walking robot), and lip Syncing and facial expression (talking robot).
    The Lamp, Walking Robot and Talking Robot models and rigs were created and provided by my professor, Anson Call. All other props, as well as the Toaster model and rig and the mouth shapes for the Talking Robot were created by me. I used Cinema 4D to animated the characters and used After Effects CS6 for post-production.
    The voice sample in the video is from a video by the YouTube user PewDiePie. The song is "Summer Mood" by Teleidofusion.
  • The Sad Lamp and the Happy Lamp animations had the honor of being shown for the Iowa State University College of Design's 2012 NASAD Accredidation Review.
    Screen Captures