Illustration - Chalk Art

Created: 07/24/12
Last Edited: 11/18/13
Pastel drawings on wood

    This is a collection of pastel drawings I recently completed. Back in the day when I was as a barista crafting lattes and perfecting small talk, I had the chance to create numerous chalk signs advertising drinks and various products our store had to sell. I really missed doing them and decided to give it a try again, although this time I went with a different medium - wood. Slate was too costly and chalk board paint was a pain, but the wood was cost effective, fun to work with, and added some great natural qualities to the work.

    Most of these were quick studies and took less than an hour or two to complete. The final step was applying about 20 layers of fixative spray. Seriously. I think I went through 20 cans of it. 


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