Centraal Museum Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • Centraal Museum Utrecht
    Wayfinding and information system
  • The system includes signs to the various departments, museum plans, instructions and a signing system for temporary shows and exhibitions.

    Centraal museum houses a large collection of fine and contemporary art in a series of interconnected buildings. For the most part, the museum campus is made up of a former medieval cloister. This cloister, and other buildings which used to serve as an orphanage, military stables and a psychiatric hospital, are organized around a central courtyard.

    The permanent signage system for the museum’s seemingly, labyrinth of buildings was designed simultaneously with the renovation project of the museum. The renovation of the museum included also an expansion of the new entrance building.

    In order to not compete with the art collection of the museum, the permanent collection signage was designed using a deep, dark gray, medium grays and white. In contrast, for the children’s department, bright colors were introduced to the system. Temporary exhibit signs, in order to attract special attention, were designed using colors along with visual elements which tie directly to the exhibit graphics.

    The sign system includes directional, identification, instructional signs and directories. Interpretive information signs were also designed which give the history of the museum and its buildings.

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