Centennial of the Portuguese Republic Logo

  • Centennial of the Portuguese Republic Logo
  • The National Committee for the Commemoration of the Centennial of the Portuguese Republic wanted a logo translating the values of this political system that Portugal has lived in during the last century.This was our starting point. More equitable and widespread access to education for all was recognized as the most striking aspect of this republican experience, which has enabled almost everything else. The people, once illiterate, are now represented by an alphabet. Each letter as an individual and the alphabet as a society, organized within a grid - the Republic - which, at the same time regulates and enables both individuals and groups in equality.
    The two letters "C" from Centennial and "R" from Republic were build within this grid, and when placed side by side, forming a 'speech bubble', symbol of dialogue and freedom of expression in democracy. The colors are adopted from the Portuguese flag and the bespoke typeface "Republic" is by Hugo d'Alte, a Portuguese type designer.