Celebration of Freedom 2012 Program

  • For five years I did the print work for Celebration of Freedom; an annual event meant to honor Congressional Medal of Honor recipients and to raise money for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. My challenge was always to create something different each year, while keeping the theme patriotic which meant using red white and blue. Time was always an issue, with the program typically only having a week to print despite the need for high quality. I started using touch plates to make the color jump off the page; this added drama to the piece without adding print time. Additional costs were minimal. I began to “paint” within the touch plate channels to vary the intensity and give depth. I manipulated the images to give them a soft dreamy look that familied with the soft touch aqueous coating used on the book. For 2012 the concept was to have quotes from recipients run throughout the piece visually demonstrating their unending wisdom and courage.