Ceilings Sustainability Brochure

Created: 07/01/12
Last Edited: 05/29/14
The CertainTeed Ceilings division wanted to create a brief piece as an overview to the business values and sustainable practices for manufacturing ceiling panels. An infographic was developed to visually explain the process of Life Cycle Analysis to an audience that may not yet be familiar with the term. This graphic has become extremely popular and is used widely within CertainTeed. An outside group that handles LCA education to architects recently requested permission to use this graphic in their presentation materials.

Sustainably-harvested and milled papers were specified, and this project was printed on FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer waste unbleached stock with soy inks.

Additionally, this brochure was the recipient of a GDUSA 2012 American Inhouse Design Award.
  • Project created while with Saint-Gobain Creative Services. Do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Kristin Dankanich.