• Posters for a Cause
    Made for RISD Fall 2010  •  3' × 4'
  • We were tasked with creating a poster that was both objective in its approach to a particular social cause. However subjective the cause may be, the challenge was to create a convincing, well-designed poster that generated attention for the issue without picking a side.

    I focused on the subject of voting. I personally feel that the idea of voting is perhaps one of the most subjective actions an individual can make, and through this interaction voting can become a form of self expression. I wanted to couple the many ways that individuals express themselves: art, design, collage, graffiti; and have that expression be channeled through the medium of voting.

    The final iteration is both a poster and a design for a campaign of other individuals to come in and generate their own. The ballot can be designed to the artist's own tastes, while the documentation of the ballot being placed in the ballot box will remain uniform for each poster, creating a series.