Cattral Sisters Wine Label Design

Created: 02/25/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Wine Label Design for Cattrall Sisters Pinot Noir.
  • Pinot Noir 
  • Cattrall Vineyards has been around since 1972, but this is the first release of the two sisters Julia and Laura, marking the next generation of Cattrall following in the footsteps of their ancestors.

    Julia Cattrall approached me to create a label for her and her sister Laura's first release. They both wanted to create their own mark, while paying tribute to their family's history and the land from which it came.
    With the sisters' story in mind, as well as the wine which was to be an unfiltered Pinot Noir, I aspired to covey a sense of history, beauty, and depth. The background of the label is from a screen print I created from the back of two of my grandparents' photographs.

    Creating the visual for this label was a very collaborative process. Julia photographed a bird's nest near the winery, and even sent me a few by mail for me to photograph. Using these, I was able to create an image full of layer and depth to tell the story of the Cattrall Sisters. The label design was completed with a blue wax seal that matched the robin's blue eggs in the nest. 

    The wine itself is stunning, beautiful, complex, rich, with bright cherry tones. 

    The beautiful script you see is Sudestada by Ale Paul & Diego Giaccone of Sudtipos


    A Century in the Making...
    Our ancestor John Celestin Sartore cleared this land and built our home in 1916. Our father returned to the farm in 1972 and planted grape vines. Since then, our family has carefully tended the farm and collected the nests of songbirds from the vines at the end of the season. The nests affirm the ecological balance we strive for in our farming methods and remind us of what we are doing here; cobbling together a beautiful life from the nest laments of nature. is bottle is our elaboration on a century of our ancestors’ efforts.

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