• Casanova
    Mens body care products
  • This project was based on an early concept that I had. The idea of "casanova" was to convey the idea of the man's man, but more refined--someone who was confident and aware of his presence. The line of products featured were to be simple, yet bold in what they offer.

    My process is as follows:
  • Using black spray paint, I covered existing products to make them my own. A gloss finish was used before taking them to the photo shoot.
  • After photographing each product, I used Illustrator and Photoshop to place the typography and design on.
  • A photo shoot took place for the "casanovas" to work their magic, and I was then able to apply the midnight blue to the photos to carry the concept through to the poster. This poster was printed on Fuji Film luster paper at the size of 30' x 40'.
  • The final piece of this project was to create website. Using HTML5, CSS3, and PHP, I was able to present each product as needed, in a clean and simple design.
  • I also created an end tag that was also included on the website.