• Internship
    Graphic Design Intern 
    summer 2012
  • This summer (2012), I had the great experience of interning as the graphic design intern at  I worked with the Creative Services and Events Team (Team IDEA), within the marketing department.  These are a few of the key projects that I designed over the course of the three months I worked with them.  All of these design pieces are actually being used, which is extremely rewarding for me as a design student!
  • Recruiting Brochure:
    Given to those who come and interview. After their interviews, they will receive this brochure that will have the business cards of the people they met with as a takeaway.  It will inform them more about the company as well as ensuring they leave with the contacts they interviewed with.
  • Front of Brochure:
    Inviting, friendly, welcoming.
  • Inside panels of the brochure.
    The brochure has a small fold at the bottom where the business cards will be placed; made to hold multiple contacts.
  • The panel focusing on the three verticals of Classified Ventures.
  • Northalsted Market Days Flyer:
    This flyer was given out at the Northalsted Market Days in Chicago.  It mainly promotes on the front with a similar friendly style as the recruiting brochure.
  • Back of the Market Days Flyer:
    Promotes information about one of the other verticals,, and Classified Ventures.
  • Wellness @ CV Logo:
    I designed this logo for the new wellness program that the HR department at Classified Ventures is starting up.  Focusing on  three pillars of wellness: Financial, Emotional, and Physical.
  • Hackathon Logo: puts on an internal event called the Hackathon.  The outcome of this event is to create new innovative ideas that will help become better as a company.  It is a competition with all employees of that get to bring their ideas to the table! 
    The following design pieces are part of the Hackathon event.
  • Hackathon TV Template:
    This template was designed for TV promotions for the event as it gets closer.  Information will be added to the left side of the template as neccesary. 
  • Hackathon Email Template:
    The template will be integrated in every email promotion for the event.
  • Hackathon Table Tent:
    This is a 3-panel table tent that will be printed and placed all throughout the office promoting the event.
  • Icon Library:
    Throughout the summer, I worked on this long term project creating an Icon Library.  I designed a total of 223 icons for the creative team to use.  These icons can be helpful for infographics, social media pieces, powerpoint presentations, etc.  
  • I focused on specific types of icons such as: electronics, cars, money, people, time, and icons that focused more on meaning such as innovative, success, best-in-class, etc.