Cardinal Stritch University Promotional Poster

Created: 10/30/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
Poster Design
Project Info
Ryan Treviranus, Sarah Nitschke, Wesley Shaver, Katie Giuffre, Lena Edstrom, Karl, Kevin Txais Vang, Carl McCorkle Jr.
  • CSU Promotional Posters
    Print Design, Art Direction
  • This year, Cardinal Stritch University’s Admissions Department’s goal was to recruit current high school students to our university. In order to do this we decided to create a poster series, which local high school students could view in the hallways. Our target market was students between the ages of 14 to 18 years old who are college bound. As a team, my teacher, an admissions counselor, and myself decided to use thepopular Fox show called “Glee” to showcase students. For example, a tough softball player also could be a sensitive art student, or the pretty girl could also be a computer wiz, so on and so forth. 
    Our entire goal was to show future students that they can be anything they want and that stereotypes are not restrictive. My job was to art direct the photo shoot with other students, edit the photos, and design a poster series. This short-term project was great, because I saw the beginning-to-end process within a couple of months. We are hoping the posters will be used for Spring 2012 recruitment.  

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