Car Manual Infographic System

Created: 02/11/12
Last Edited: 10/19/14
The car manual for a Toyota Prius redesigned into an infographic.

Instr: Susanne Manheimer, AiCALA
  • The project was to redesign a car manual into an infographic that would be more visually pleasing and interesting to read – the challenge being to fit all text and images of the original manual into this design.
    Given the car manual of the Toyota Prius, I thought about what were the most important characteristics of a Prius that makes this car special. The car is eco-friendly and runs on gas AND electric. The whole design becomes powered through vibrant colors, sparks, waves of electricity, and an engine-block-turned-battery.
  • Left Side
  • Middle
  • Right Side
  • Closeups
  • Final Print: Dimensions (8ft x 3ft)


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