Captal One Venture Visa Video

Created: 12/26/12
Last Edited: 12/26/12
Video for Capital One Venture Visa Card
    Copy Deck – Afterthought (60 sec)
    Client: Capital One
    Project: Venture Micro-site / Redeem phase 2
    Date: 10-26-10
    Version: 1.0
    Presented by: Visa

    [copy] Say hi to Michelle…
    [visual] Open on silhouette of 36-year-old, MICHELLE against NY sky line
    [copy] …who is a magician with her miles.
    [visual] MICHELLE waves card like wand and infographics of plane, hotel, auto appear
    [copy] See how she does it
    [copy] She's heading to Las Vegas to celebrate with friends.
    [visual] Calendar graphic - SAT and SUN boxes, “birthday!” written in
    [copy] She spends smart, so always finds the best travel deals…
    [visual] pan web-enabled device showing online travel booking (google search or generic travel booking engine)
    [copy] …and always uses her Venture card.
    [visual] Venture card swipes through entire frame, finger holding card to reveal visual of Michelle visible in passenger window of a plane
    [copy] The weekend begins with
    [copy] Her preferred window seat…
    [zoom into plane window – framing Michelle reclining at her window seat ]
    [copy] …an ice cool drink…
    [visual] zoom in further, to head / shoulder crop of Michelle, we see she is holding a drink. Background plane interior (consider business or first class) ]
    [copy]…and a suite by the pool
    [visual] zoom out – Michelle in same pose, with drink, only now reclining on a poolside sunlounger. Background transitions to Vegas hotel background]
    Visa Confidential
    [copy] Back home…
    [visual] large silhouette of plane flies through frame working as a mask to reveal background visual switching to Michelle in the same position reclining on her sofa, now against a background of NY skyline through her window.
    [copy] Michelle checks her Venture account
    [visual – iPad with Venture account management page…zooming in on line items]
    [copy] And decides to pay with Miles for…
    [copy] The drinks…
    [visual] check box on statement line item
    [copy] The suite…
    [visual] check box on statement line item
    [copy] … even the flight.
    [visual] check box on statement line item
    [copy] Click, Click, Done
    [visual] Venture card swipes through entire frame, finger holding card to reveal…
    [visual] lock-up of Venture Card
    [copy] Redeem more easily with Venture Miles
    [copy] No upcharges, no games, guaranteed

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