• Camp Caboose
    Logo Design for Red Caboose Day Care's Summer Program
    My Graphic Design class was approached by Red Caboose Day Care in Madison to create a new logo for their summer program, Camp Caboose. The plan was to have our class create various logos and then the children of the Day Care Center would vote on the designs and the winner would have their logo used. The only restrictions where that we could only use two colors, but it would have to work grayscale as well, due to their tight budget, and we had to include the tagline 'explore the possibilities.'

    The camp very much embraces the ideals of teaching and learning, so I went with a discovery theme. The first of my designs went for a more explorer theme, with the caboose clubhouse being equipped for astronomy, where my second design was more about traveling amongst the stars in the 'air caboose' as I affectionately dubbed it. I was not chosen as the final logo, but I was in the final three for my first design. I'm sorry 'air caboose,' they didn't love you as much as I always will.

    Recently, because I had a desire to use this logo in My Book, I decided that the font needed some updating, because you should never repeat a font in your Book if possible. So the newest and final variation of this logo has been born.
  • The final logo with new font.